Master Data Management Developer

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Master Data Management Developer




3+ years

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Master Data Management Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Develop, enhance & maintain Request/Response Framework & Notification Framework
  2. Develop, enhance and maintain batch process using the transactional way of interacting with the database
  3. Develop data additions, data extensions & behavior extensions
  4. Develop the rules of visibility Suspected Duplicate Processing (SDP)
  5. Develop web services using Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  6. Develop data model changes according to the business requirement
  7. Develop & unit test business logic changes to the services created
  8. Customize new service transactions in MDM and implement default and customized rules
  9. Configure WebSphere Application Server
  10. Set up Batch Processor
  11. Troubleshoot and debug while installing MDM product into the workspace
  12. Production support of existing applications, bug fixes during testing phases